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As partners we are focusing on long term mutual benefit relationship as well as performance of client’s business both internal management and approaching market



From content management systems to e-commerce platforms and cybersecurity measures, we have the technical expertise to build robust and secure back ends

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What appears intuitive to a millennial may not be so for an affluent retiree – and vice versa. By adhering to UI/UX best practices, we can ensure online experiences remain seamless and intuitive


Technology Consult

Our specialists help you adapt and leverage the latest technologies for improved efficiency and effectiveness.
We provide expert guidance to optimize your technology infrastructure and drive efficiency.

Digital Creative Works Co.,Ltd. (Digix Works)

Our team consists of over 10 talented individuals with expertise in digital strategy, creative conceptualization, UI/UX and advanced data analytics.

We are backed by a wholly in-house tech team for on-time and secure execution.

Our full-stack web development capability boasts machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud scaling and operations, and world-class security practices.


Our Works 


Request for Proposal (RFP) Platform

The platform typically offers features such as templates, workflows, and collaboration tools to streamline the RFP process.


Cost Analysis Platform 

A cost analysis platform for real estate is a digital tool or software that helps real estate professionals, investors, developers, or individuals analyze and evaluate the financial aspects of a real estate project. 

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We would be happy to assist you with any additional details you may require.

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